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KAT-TUN Popolo 2009

I got bored while watching, like, the 20th hour of inauguration coverage of the day. (No, I can't just turn it off. I need to see the Obama's dance to the same song for the 10th time, all right? Need to.)

Anyway, abbers44 gave me part of KAT-TUN's January 2009 interview to translate, and while this took way longer than it should have (Kept getting distracted by hopey inauguration stuff and the msnbc people making fun of Obama saying the same thing at every ball he went to) here's the bit where all of KAT-TUN is asked a question. Possibly coming soon Nakamaru's question and the little snippets they have next to pictures of teeny tiny 2002-era KAT-TUN.

Disclaimer: I'm translating because I want to practice my Japanese, not because I'm anywhere near fluent. AKA if you see any problems in here, or even just things you think could be translated better, please tell me! I'm using this to help my Japanese, and could definitely use any and all advice.

Q: In 2009, what is KAT-TUN’s goal?

[Work hard while finding a dream (laugh)]

Kamenashi: Of course, we definitely want to do a live! And then, the truth is I'm doing a lot individually, but I wonder, wouldn’t it be good if I could go do proper six-person activities?

Tanaka: Probably, but up until now we haven't changed, have we?

Ueda: (To Akanishi) Do you have anything?

Kamenashi: Him? He's totally unreliable! Twenty-five years old (laugh)

Akanishi: I'll find a goal!

Ueda: Do your best while you're looking for a goal!

Akanishi: Yeah. A goal is that kind of thing.

Tanaka: Well, anyway, I think I work my hardest on whatever thing is in front of me.

Taguchi: Every year, we have such high spirits, we don't change anything, right?

Kamenashi: Yeah. Up until now, we've always had a lot of things done for us, so like, how are we going to shift direction, right?

Nakamaru: Yeah. We haven't had anything new, right?

Tanaka: Honestly, I haven't changed from my 17 year old self.

Akanishi: Well then, let's become responsible adults! (laugh)

Tanaka: Our 2009 goal is "to become adults!" (laugh)

Taguchi: or rather, just satisfactory adults for our age, right?

Akanishi: Practically speaking, while focusing on reality, let's steadily keep working on it.

Tanaka: We need to get "real."

Four people: Amazing!!*

Nakamaru: No, but, that sentence is good, but when I think about it, it's cold. (bitter smile)

*they said 「うまい!!」in response to Koki, which I really wanted to translate as “that was so deep!” but abbers44 told me "you can't have kat-tun going 'that's so deep'" It literally means something along the lines of "skillful" or "wise."

ETA: Nakamaru's question finished as well. This actually comes before the previous question. Also, Ueda is an insane person.


Q. At college, what do you find interesting to study?

[Of course, ecology is essential]

Nakamaru: Lately, ecology is showing up everywhere, but I was taught about real time data. They had a thing called [地域地球環境論]*......

Kamenashi: However, it's a bit weird to talk about ecology after all this time.

Tanaka: Mankind should have taken noticed before now, right?

Nakamaru: That's right. The truth is, they've been talking about this for fifty years.

Tanaka: After half a century has passed, the whiteness of the north pole is being destroyed, right.......

Ueda: Speaking of, it seems like natto is saving the world!

Five people: What???

Ueda: When you reduce natto** once, then put the natto ukin*** back and dry it out, they say you can use the stuff you end up with. They say if you spread it on the ground, it will lower the ground temperature. Ultimately, you can also grow food more cheaply.

Kamenashi: It can protect against the greenhouse effect?

Ueda: Yes, that.

Five people: Ahh

Taguchi: despite that, there really isn't the feeling that Nakamaru-kun is a student, is there.

Tanaka: Well, that's because you never see him looking like he's studying. Eh, if Nakamaru would wear a school uniform to work, I think people would go “ahh, he's a student,” but... (laugh)

Kamenashi: He's been going to school for forever, so we want him to finally graduate.

Taguchi: But in college it totally seems like you would have to study a wide number of things.

Ueda: Doesn't Akanishi help you study English?

Akanishi: Yeah, yeah.

Taguchi: Have you gotten so you can speak it?

Nakamaru: It feels like I'll be able to soon, doesn't it? (laugh) But English is a compulsory subject, so you're required to do it. But it's completely impossible without someone else, isn't it. So I have a good one nearby. (laugh)

Akanishi: Oi! You! Who are you calling a "good one!" (laugh)

*I spent so long looking up the kanji in this thing, and still couldn’t figure out what it is. So I’m going with bizarre long scientific name for the win. A recent google search revealed this which contains that entire name! So if anyone feels like digging through that and figuring out what he's talking about, be my guest. ^_^
**Natto is a insanely gross and apparently very good for you, much loved by Japanese people because they apparently have no taste buds sort of… slimy soybean thing. Not that I’m biased at all.
***The dictionary gave me bacillus subtilis natto as a translation. I AM ASSUMING THIS IS SOME BIZARRE TYPE OF NATTO

ETA2: Ah ha ha, the following is not in the article. It's me, being stupid, because they spent so long talking about ~saving the environment~ the Japanese literally translates to "a not convenient truth"

In conclusion, watch out for KAT-TUN's next concert tour, KAT-TUN: 便利じゃない実. I hear Jin, Nakamaru, and Al Gore will be rapping together all in English!
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