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Happy Obama Day~ I've had the news on in the background constantly today, so I probably know a bit more than is strictly necessary about who all was wandering around DC, how many porta-potties they had, what Michelle Obama was wearing, etc. etc. but that's okay. Barack Obama is a pretty classy guy and I'm pretty happy he's the president now.

Similarly, I've been trying really hard not to spend the day being happy Bush is gone, because one of the best things about this election was that I got to vote for someone, instead of against Bush. It's... sort of working. :P There were definitely a few thoughts of "woo! no more Bush!" when the cameras kept panning over to him during the section of the inaugural address where Obama was basically saying "all that stupid stuff he did in terms of foreign policy? Yeah, we're not doing that" while Bush was sitting a hundred feet away, smiling like he didn't understand who Obama was comparing himself too. (Possibly I should be a better person, because that may have been my favorite part of the address... >_>) But generally I've just been enjoying the history and pageantry and all the happy people all over the news. Tomorrow we can worry about the Great Depression 2.0 and fixing all of the other problems we're buried in. It was just nice seeing everyone being so happy all over the place today.


Also, have you all checked out the new white house website? It's pretty snazzy Also, our president has a blog~ Do you think he'd friend me on eljay if I asked nicely?

Also also, I'd been meaning to do this all month, and somehow it's now the 20th and I haven't done any at all, but I want to start trying to translate stuff (Japanese to English) as an attempt to get more practical work on my Japanese. SO! If there's anything you have or happen to find that you want translated! Movies might be a bit hard (aka could take ten thousand years for me to do well) but short movie clips and definitely magazine articles or other written material! Send me links or scans or whatever, and I'll try my best.
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