robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

I just turned in two papers, and with that finished all of my class related things in Japan. Ahhh, what the heck.

I've been bursting into tears at anything and everything the past few days. It's really sort of awkward. We were watching the Best Artists 2008 show yesterday, and random songs kept making me start crying, and then I'd have to sneakily wipe my eyes because Rui would run up to me every five seconds and probably would have noticed me sobbing like a baby. Apparently I can't do anything in this country without having a mental breakdown. asldfkasd I think I'm just a) really stressed out at the moment and b) feeling sad about leaving, obviously.

It's weird, ever since classes ended, my regular schedule has been thrown out of wack, and now it's only going to get less regular since even exams are done and most people are leaving this Sunday or Monday to go home. I leave for Tokyo on Wednesday, and I seriously don't know how to deal with saying goodbye to my host family. Like. I have this feeling I'm going to be sobbing, and I have trouble stringing together sentences in Japanese when I'm not an emotional wreck. alskdf Ah.

I totally thought I was ready to go home, too, and honestly I think I sort of am. This semester has been amazing, but also sort of stressful, and it'll be nice being home, being able to do things on my own terms instead of planning everything around trains/host family/etc. But, like. The crying. All the time. It's a problem.

But yes, this semester has been awesome. I made some seriously awesome friends, have the best host family ever, learned a lot of Japanese, though possibly more Kansai-ben than was strictly necessary XD, and had, like, a religious experience in terms of Johnny's/other dorky stuff. And it'll totally be okay, I don't need to stress out about this last week, or about my week in Tokyo, and then I'll be heading home. Fighto, self.

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