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Sorry I never post anymore. Oddly enough it's less because I'm busy (though I am busy) and more because I don't have internet at home. And, like, you should all understand the problem. Two in the afternoon is not lj posting time. Two in the morning is. It just feels wrong to update at school when I could otherwise be effectively wasting my time watching pretty Japanese boys in the coffee shop. You understand how it is.


So apparently my host sister has a "boyfriend" (though I'm not entirely sure if she means that in the "kare" sense or the "kareshi" as she giggled and said "no no no" when Laura and I asked if it was the latter, which is more specifically romantic.) ANYWAY, my host sister is six years old, and apparently has already been proposed marriage by said "boyfriend." (Who I think is also six years old.) askldfj Where is my apparently ubiquitous american shotgun when I need it?

And yes, everyone here is convinced all americans, or at least all american guys carry guns around all the time.

The good news, I suppose, is that Mao (my host sister) said that she would be okay with marrying said six year old boyfriend, but would prefer Naoki, aka her Uncle. aklsdfj Have I mentioned how cute my host siblings are before?

Also! It was Rui's (my host brother) birthday on Tuesday! Though we celebrated it with pizza/curry/going to buy him new power ranger toys on Sunday. He's four now, and possibly evil but in the cute little kid way. Also, I am a horrible person because I keep imagining him joining Johnny's and getting really famous, because then years down the line I could laugh about how I saw my now famous pop idol host brother running around in his Tigger onesie pajamas. ^^;;;;

OH HEY. So Sakurai Sho, the rapping boy band member news caster, interviewed some ryuugakusei (foreign students) at a university near tokyo for News Zero, about their opinions on the US election. Apparently my friend Laura's friend was interviewed. Of course, by telling me this Laura ruined the rest of the week for me, because I promptly became a blubbering mess of "but why didn't Sho interview meeeeee, I'm foreign and american and interested in politics and thingsssssss." I watched the segment (on my cell phone!) the other night and it's askldfj;asdklfj like, just totally unbelieveable. Sho is all bikkurishita about everything the ryuugakusei say. It's amazing, and you should probably go download it from some arashi fansite or other. Not sure if anyone has it uploaded/translated yet.

A few random pictures:

My cell phone (note how I am turning into a twelve year old japanese girl here), my hanadan final movie ticket!!!, and the copy of Harry Potter in Japanese that I bought for 150 yen in a bookoff a while back. Bookoff is a used books/music/games/movies chain of stores they have here, and it is, like, the best thing to ever happen ever.

Today was the Halloween costume contest at school, which was oddly fun. I didn't enter, but I did dress up as Kame, Queen of Pirates. (aka I dressed up as a pirate and toted around the kat-tun pen light swords I bought Abbey and Maartje, then picked out kat-tun fans in the crowd by noting who did double takes. :D) This weekend is the Kansai Gaidai festival, which should be pretty amazing. The Japanese students don't have class tomorrow to set up for/start the festival, though the ryuugakusei still have class. :|||

Monday's a holiday as well, so we're going into Osaka to go to the Johnny's store again because Casey and Vicky weren't there last time. I'm not complaining. Also, this time we're going to drag our uchiwa into a purikura booth and take pictures with je boys. I... don't even know what my life has become here. It's pretty greato.

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