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Really fast update, because I have to head home and holy cow, where did the time go?

I've been reading Nino's ketai blog (Laura signed me up for the Johnny's cell phone blogs so greato, omg. They know how to use smilies so proficiently~) The only problem is that now I have a tendency to start thinking like he writes. AKA:








ダメ= no good!
けど= but
花より男子まだすごいい = hana yori dango final is still awesome

I'm not sure how I lived without keitai smilies. And also, yeah, I definitely went to see Hana Yori Dango Final last night with my friend Laura. I think I have a new favorite movie. It was the greatest thing I'd ever experienced; I think the best way to describe it is if Die Hard was a chick flick. Except there were maybe six people in the theater including us, and everyone else was completely silent and composed, and Laura and I were sitting there trying not to die of laughter the entire time. It was so, so hilarious. I don't know how everyone else stayed so quiet. We left the theater and burst out laughing, and didn't manage to stop until, like, the second bus home. Then that night I was about to go to sleep and remembered a part that I REALLY CAN'T SPOIL YOU FOR BUT REALLY, REALLY WANT TO OMG and I started laughing again. Then this morning I was walking to school, and it was pouring down rain, and my pants were getting soaked because I have to walk in the street for half my 25 minute walk, and it was generally really miserable. And then I started thinking about the movie again, and started laughing and stopped caring so much about how squishy my shoes were.

I am really trying hard not to spoil all of you, just so you know.

I had lunch with Ai today. Apparently her mom is going to make both of us a bento for next wednesday when we have lunch again. I... don't even know. I feel like I don't deserve her as a speaking partner. I should try to be more interesting in the future. aksdfj

I'm going to a festival with my host family tomorrow~ The goldfish and dango and weird glowy things from jdramas kind. I am super excited. Maybe I will meet Kame and become his obnoxiously clingy girlfriend. (Speaking of, Vicki's speaking partner likes Kat-tun and her ichiban is Jin. Just thought you would like to know. Everyone who knows JE or pop idols here has an ichiban. It's kind of hilarious how normal it is.)

Have to run now. You should comment a lot so I can get the emails on my cell phone and be entertained this weekend. :)

eta: smilies fixed now I think.
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