robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

I swore I would get this done before I left, and with an hour and twenty minutes to go...

I leave for the airport at 4:30, which means I still had a full hour and twenty minutes to get this done when I started this post! alskdfj;

Anyway, last minute mixes go! I'm sure all of you already have everything on here, and it is sort of lacking in a real central theme outside of "songs that make me feel sad/happy/ganbatte about leaving", and I could not cut it to lower than ninteen, which is really just a testament to my poor will power, but whatever. Song list under the cut, complete with overly sappy lyrics~

❝ baby it's a wild world - skins cast

but if you wanna leave, take good care // hope you make a lot of nice friends out there

❞ kaze - arashi

we'll meet again here some day, and wonder why I worried so much

❝ wind - akeboshi

waiting is wasting for people like me

❞ departures - pot soundtrack

we'll starting walking towards tomorrow

❝ sakura sake - arashi

the future and all keeps changing // i’ll change it and show you

❞ this will be our year - ok go

this will be our year // took a long time to come // yeah we’ve only just begun

❝ hooray - delays

there's more to this than acting my age

❞ what about everything - carbon leaf

i think about time for fun // i think about time for play // then I think about being done, with no resume

❝ we can make it - arashi

an endlessly wide world, right this minute I'll take hold of it

❞ suddenly i see - kt tunstall

suddenly I see // why the hell it means so much to me

❝ distance - long shot party

you are my friend // you haven't forgotten the dream we had that day, ne?

❞ go places - the new pornographers

like classics play aces // stay with me, go places

❝ sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana - smap

all those flowers // that did everything they could to bloom

❞ ippome - yellow cherry

you've chosen all kinds of paths // I think you can shine even brighter

❝ a.ra.shi - arashi

you are my soul! soul!

❞ kitto daijoubu - arashi

if I could see myself back then when I was always panicking // i'd tell him what I think and shout, "you've gotta dream big"

❝ candy pop - heartsdales feat, soul'd out

isshou ni itai // me too // asobitai with you cause I like the way you do the things you do

❞ news nippon - news

to north! to east! /// fly away, far away

❝ go! fighting dreamers - flow

don't forget your first impulse ever // don't lose your adventurousness ever

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Tags: let's hope japan is not that cold, oh god..., somehow i lost my coat, ~japan~

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