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I am bored and playing with my itunes. You should too!

Post your current top 25 most played songs on itunes (or whatever you use), including playcounts, and then offer explanations (if you feel they warrant any.)

1. I offer no apologies for this song. It is one of my favorite songs of all time, amazing almost Engrish and almost incoherence and all. Listening to it you feel like it shouldn't be gramatically correct (though it is) and reading the lyrics you feel like it shouldn't make any sense (but it so, so does.) I honestly find it a deep and touching commentary on youth and life, now stop laughing at me, okay?

2. ah ha ha. Will not even pretend to not love this song. I listened to it on repeat for a really long time for a few weeks last semester, which is why it's up so high.

3. So bizarre and perfect.

4. Also in the running for favorite song ever. And not even because of supernatural, though it is seriously the Winchester angst anthem.

5. A remnant of the old QaF days, though I'm impressed by its staying power. Definitely a fun song.

6. Another leftover from QaF. Oh gosh, sunshine... Brian... prom~. God I love that song.

7. I think this was getting marathoned alongside How to Save A Life.

8. Ahhh, love this song. I think it's on my At Swim, Two Boys playlist, and it is absolutely perfect for that book.

9. a;sldkf Fell in love with this song when I heard it playing in this Miyazaki montage video, and have loved it ever since. Possibly in large part because it and Howl are now intrinsically linked in my mind, and Howl is my literary boyfriend.

10. Another one from my At Swim mix, and another candidate for favorite song ever. Also, quite frankly, a candidate for my favorite poem ever. Sometimes I literally just go read the lyrics when I'm in an especially metaphorical mood.

11. asldkf scream. I think I accidentally left this playing on repeat when I went to class one day. It's a fun song, but it's not that good.

12. Ah, Sufjan. You make me feel like a hipster sometimes, but it's okay because you clearly harbor a similar love of the midwest in your heart.

13. The Postal Service is the slightly less shameful version of my secret love for Death Cab.

14. FIRST JPOP. I still love this song way too much, and can still sing the entire thing from memory. Ah, good times.

15. :DDD The reason I decided to take a look at my top 25 just now was actually to see if any Arashi had made it on there yet. Was very pleased to see this making its way up the list. Sakura Sake is one of the jpop songs I sneak into Playlists Other People Will Hear because I honestly think it's a pretty greato song even without the sparkly Arashi context.

16. Another one from my At Swim mix. Much as this is a good song, I actually suspect it's up here because it comes right after Predatory Wasp of the Palisades, and most of the time I'm in too much of a joyful fog to switch songs before this one has finished playing.

17. Ippome's partner in crime in being my gateway jpop. Both of them were in the Cinepuri trailer, which I will still go back and rewatch occasionally because it is such joy.

18. Best driving song ever. Which is all Cruel Intentions fault.

19. This song can make me cry if I'm in the right mood, which is so pathetic.

20. I told you I had a shameful love of Death Cab.

21. :D I still hold Naruto has the best intro and end music of any anime. Also, this song is greato to run to. And to sing along nosily to in the car.

22. To my great joy I discover that not one but two Arashi songs are already on the list! I suspect Happiness and We Can Make It will be up here soon enough.

23. This song. I can listen to this song any time. It's on my writing mix, because I find it so great at inciting creativity and the desire to write ~deep and meaningful~ things. And the Postal Service version (the original version, and it's crazy how many people don't know that) is far superior to the Iron and Wine version. (Though I do enjoy both.)

24. Oh Porno Graffiti. I'm probably one of three people in the entire world who found this song through Porno Grafitti rather than through Fullmetal Alchemist, but whatever. It's really great.

25. Clap Your Hands is one of the best bands ever. Hands down. Anyone who has not listened to and deeply contemplated the entire album this song is from should rectify this immediately. This is another one on my writin' mix.

ETA: If you want any of these, feel free to ask. :D
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