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Next semester schedule: (with added tiny shapes for ~authenticity~)

Stolen from the insane but lovable Claire-chan, my (highly hypothetical) schedule for next semester.

☆ Spoken Japanese 3
♡ Reading and Writing Japanese 3
☆ Culture and Everyday Life in Japan: Japanese Society in Anthropological Perspective
♡ Onna to Otoko: Gender and Sexuality in Japan

Random bits about next semester, in delightful bullet format!

♡ Oh my god, there are so many economics and business classes offered. alksdfjas I am going to be at school with all those kids who take Japanese because it means they can one day fulfill their dream of working for a gigantic, soul-sucking, trans-pacific corporation. Joy. My dad keeps telling me I should take an econ class, and he's probably right, but quite frankly they (and anything relating to business) terrify me. I am quite happy with my impractical liberal arts education, thank you very much.

☆ The above schedule is really up in the air. I have to take a placement test for my speaking and writing level, and it's luck of the draw for registration. Your registration time is based on the number you pick in a lottery, so a low number means I might get my first choices, and a higher one means I'm screwed.

♡ Luckily, though, I realized that my self-created study course for the summer is just the right length! My plan was to get through chapter 18 in Genki II, and apparently level three stuff at Kansai starts with chapter 18. Go me! So this means if I don't botch the placement tests I should be able to skip level two.

☆ asldkfj There are classes on marketing. I don't think Oberlin even offers those. Or anything close to it. I'm worried the culture shock of being away from my little liberal enclave might be more difficult than the culture shock of, you know, being in Japan.

♡ By the way, my method of finding hearts and stars and other sickeningly cute stuff to use in my posts is just finding somewhere to copy paste from. Usually this means googling something fangirly in japanese and picking stars and things out of the search results. This time was Ohno Satoshi Daisuki (大野智大好き). This method never fails.

☆ Need all your advice on this. There's a speaking partner program at Kansai Gaidai where you are paired up with a Japanese student to help them with their English (and in turn they typically help you with your Japanese.) It sounds awesome, but I'm also hopefully doing a homestay, and I'm worried that me and my social awkwardness might not be able to handle trying to adapt to a host family and a speaking partner. Bother bother. Mostly I'm just really insecure about my Japanese ability, since I've only had a year and anything more complicated than, like, discussions of what we are cooking or where Takeshi-san and Mary-san are going on their date-o, is beyond me at this point.

♡ Seriously. A class called "International Negotiation: Resolving Conflict and Closing the Deal."
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