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More proof that Harvard is a stupid face. I, of course, am not biased at all.

A person quoted in an NPR story about Rowling's Harvard commenciment address:

"You know, we're Harvard. We're like the most prominent national institution. And I think we should be entitled to … we should be able to get anyone. And in my opinion, we're settling here. "

Oh Harvard, never change. Wait, actually, you probably should change. It's a bit worrying when four years of higher educaton only makes the entitlement and egotism even more obvious. I think it's the "we're like" that really makes that quote so deliciously ironic.

The speech is actually rather amusing and well written. You can listen to or read it over on Leaky, I think.

Also, posted some ridiculous Hana Yori Dango fic on tofuidol in case anyone wants to check it out:

Six times Makino Tsukushi was annoyingly late, and one time she wasn't.
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