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Foreign language recording meme!


Um, yes. New meme! Because I find it really interesting. Post a recording of you speaking in a foreign language! And if you want, post a transcript/translation for everyone!

Me, though god this is really utterly embarrassing because Abbey wanted me to record myself Sakurapping too, so I did both at the same time. Um. Ignore the sort of weirdly quiet "rap" in the middle of this. I spent about three hours last night learning how to sing We Can Make It with Kelly so we can karaoke the hell out of it in Japan next year. I'm both proud of and saddened by myself. (That thing is hard, okay.) But I'm not actually alone in the house right now, so I had to keep it kind of quiet so they don't think I'm insane and kick me out or something.

Anyway, here goes. I'll translate too:

Ah ha ha, so embarrassing.

konnichiwa minna san. Voice meme desu. Ima nihongo wo hanashiteimasu. Ano haru yasumi wa chotto tsumaranai desu kedo... maa maa, sugoku hima desu ne. anosaa, kinou no yoru Greg-san to hana yori dango wo mimashita. Greg wa hana yori dango ga suki desu ka? wakarimasen yo. demo saa, watashi wa hana yori dango wa su~goku tanoshikatta to omoimasu ne. Mou ichido mitai desu ne.

Ano, kinou no yoru, Arashi no uta wo benkyoshiteimashita ne. Kelly-san to uta wo utaimashita. Eto, "We Can Make It" wo utaimashita ne. Ano, Sakurap wo benkyoshiteimashita. Ii desu ne. Ano... You wanna hear it? Here goes.

3, 2, 1...
Boku wa tadatada mokumoku to dream to kaite
mokuhyou to yomu, souzou no mukou mukou he to
go go and go de on and on. I said,


I said it, go go and go de on and on
I said it, yo-ho and go de on and on.

Anosaa... Eto... anyways. Sore jaa, mata ne, minna-san. Ganbarrimashou ka.

こんにちはみんあさん。Voice meme です。今日本語を話しています。あの春休みはちょっとつまらないですけど。。。まあまあ、すごくひまですね。あのさあ、きのうの夜グレグさんと花より男子を見ました。グレグは花より男子が好きですか。わかりませんよ。でもさあ、私は花より男子はす〜ごくたのしかったと思いますね。もう一度見たいですね。

あの、きのうの夜、嵐の歌を勉強していましたね。ケリさんと歌を歌いました。えっと、“We Can Make It" を歌いましたね。あの、サクラップを勉強していました。いいですね。あの。。。You wanna hear it? Here goes.


そうぞうのむこう むこうへと
go go and go で on and on

I said it, go go and go で on and on
I said it, Yo-ho and go で on and on

あのさあ。。。えっと。。。Anyways. それじゃあまったな、みんあさん。がんばりましょうか。

ETA: Ah ha ha, apparently I wrote "I'll translate" and then completely forgot to actually translate it.

Good afternoon, everybody. This is the voice meme. Right now I'm speaking in Japanese. Hmm... summer break is a little boring but... well, a lot of free time, right! So, last night Greg and I watched Hana Yori Dango. Does Greg like Hana Yori Dango? I don't know, you know. However, I think Hana Yori Dango was a lot of fun [to watch]. I want to watch it one more time.

Um, last night I studied an Arashi song, right. I sang it with Kelly. Er... so we sang "We Can Make It." Er, I studied the SakuRap. It's good, right? Um... You wanna hear it? Here goes:


All I'm doing is silently writing out my dream
reading my goals, heading beyond into the direction of my imagination
go go and go, so on and on


I said it, go go and go, so on and on
I said it, yo-ho and go, so on and on*

So yeah... uh... Anyways. Well then, later everyone! Let's do our best, okay?

Song translation stolen from here
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