February 15th, 2015

On second thought, we'll skip the tea.

Hello neighbor. You've come to the journal formerly known as ella_w. A lot of what's in this journal is posted under friends lock for no particular reason. Perhaps I just like clicking the button. I tend to ramble on inconsistently about things like Harry Potter, soul bonding tennis, politics, gay ninjas, Oscar Wilde, my dependence on caffeine, literary characters with Daddy Issues, and various and sundry stupid Japanese stuff, along with whatever my other obsessions of the moment are. Oh, and sometimes I talk about my real life, wherein I am a sad college graduate who still sort of wants to be a pony when she grows up, and otherwise has no idea what to do with her life or how to be an adult. If any of this sounds appealing feel free to friend me. Just drop a comment here so I know who all these people who apparently find me interesting are.

Edited on 2/21/2010, after realizing I had passed the original date I future-dated this post to. Terrifying.
Edited again on 12/17/2010 after admitting to myself I'm not in college any more