August 27th, 2009

ohno - on the train

Tequila cake and Japany things~

So the end results of my request for advice on lime flavored cakes was this:

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice~

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Also, I've failed at being a life sempai to Abbey. :( Unlike Smap-sensei, I have not given her copious advice on living in Japan. So! Open question time for Abbey or anyone else who wants to ask about studying abroad, generally or specifically in Japan!

From my last post:

"I would totally appreciate advice on some basic Getting Settled stuff, if you get a chance. Public transportation (what is it like? what kind of passes can you buy? secret tips for avoiding creepers?), getting your cellphone (how long do you have to wait? how the hell do you even go about setting that up?), ADVICE ON SETTLING IN WITH A HOST FAMILY"

(ha ha, you have been officially quoted, Abbey~)

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Anyway, that was some pretty prolific ramblings. aldsfjk If you have more questions feel free!