August 25th, 2009

ohno - megane ja nai

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All the new first years arrived on campus today. I walked around with Sandhya earlier watching all the tiny confused and excited people wandering around with their parents, clutching campus maps and the stuffed moose you get when you open a bank account with First Merit. It was pretty adorable. We also went and mooched free ice cream from the ice cream social they were having for the first years. We're pretty sure at least half the people there were older students here early, looking for free food. (Speaking of free food, we're going around six to the free dinner they're having for first years. Ah ha ha.)

I redid the library archives homepage feature before leaving work this past week (I'm off work this week. Yay~) so now you can see the above image if you go to the page. Not that anyone ever actually goes to the archive's website, but that's what I get paid to update. :P

The above cow is from 1909, and was decorated by Oberlin upperclassmen for the incoming freshman. If you can't read them, the signs say "Give the Suckers a Chance," "The Freshman Cow," "Freshman Milk Depot," and "Milk for '09 Babies." Nice to know we always lovingly abused the newbies~

When do you all go back to school? (Those of you in school, that is.) Classes for us start next Monday and for the first time since college started I really wish they would wait a while. Partly because this is probably my last summer break unless I go to grad or law school at some point. But also just because this semester is probably going to be hideously busy, and I'm not feeling ready to study my ass off yet.

Here's hoping I get an honors scholar study room. They're little personal study rooms on the third and fourth floor of the library that you can apply to have if you're doing an honors thesis your senior year. I guess they tend to run out pretty quickly, but I would love not to truck 15 books back and forth from my house to campus every day.