August 3rd, 2009


lime cake?

Last year for my housemate Adam's 21st birthday we made the mother of all cakes, pictured below:

There were M&Ms, peanut M&Ms, chocolate chips, and sprinkles baked in and on the top, as well as whole mini snickers bars and raw cookie dough shoved on top. It was the best cake ever, especially since you could only eat about two bites before starting to feel like the diabetes was setting in.

His birthday is coming up again (next week, technically, but since half the house including Adam will be on vacation, we're celebrating it this Tuesday or wednesday, I think) and obviously we have to top the last years cake. At first we though of just shoving more candy into a cake, but I really think something new an innovative is the only way to match last years attempt.

So we started thinking. The thing you need to know is that almost everyone in my house has an unnatural affinity for tequilla. Adam and I bought ourselves a bottle of 1800 a while back that is very well loved. I suspect if I tried I could catch Adam cuddling with it at night some times. :P So I eventually came up with an idea for this years cake fiasco. I thought that I we could bake a lime cake, and shove shot glasses of tequilla on top~

The only thing is, I don't actually know if lime cake is possible. Has anyone ever made something along those lines before? If so do you have any good recipes? Help please~
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