January 13th, 2009

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So my kansai gaidai sempai (ah ha ha, it's true!) Jero is currently a famous popstar in Japan. Um, it's complicated. I'll let wiki explain.

(Also, and interesting Washington Post article. The "university in Osaka" they mention is actually halfway between Osaka and Kyoto and is the one yours truly went to. No news yet on my Enka record deal.)

Anyway, randomly reading through Jero-blog posts (I am procrastinating so much right now....) and apparently he posted on election day about Obama's win. A) what a bizarre decision to make, being an African American Japanese pop star and trying to decide if you should post about Obama in Japanese on your official blog. B) It's actually really adorable, so I'm posting here.



Everyone, it's an incredibly happy day in Japan.
Japan, in the American presidential election, Mr. Obama won.
Mr. Obama will become America's first black president.
As an American, and then as a black person, I am truly glad.
I think that, thanks to Mr. Obama, the "change" he always talks about will surely come. I'm hoping and anticipating it.
My grandfather always thought this day would come, but unfortunately it did not come in time. I'm certain he is smiling from heaven.

Like how this year, I'm the first black enka singer, and then a black American president appeared. (laugh)
From here on out, please keep supporting me.

Also, the comments are fantastic, but I think this is my favorite.

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