June 14th, 2008

Matsujun has a picture! :D

Two questions:

Is there a law that every drama with Jun in it also has to involve the lead girl punching the shit out of people? Because it seems there is and god I love it.

Also, why in the world did someone think one random blond streak was definitely necessary to complete Jun's hairstyle? I just keep... staring at it. Like it might detach itself and jump at me. Oddly enough, it doesn't really do much to detract from Jun's attractiveness. It's just sort of there.

[J-Drama]Gokusen Ep.3 3/3 : Online Video | Veoh Video Network

As you might be able to tell, I am watching Gokusen 1 at the moment. I've been reading a few blogs about Americans teaching in Japan recently (oh my god, can you tell how boring this past week has been? Also, I apologize for bombarding all of you with IMs constantly. Also a result of the boredom.) so it sort of feels like watching a dramatization of all the discipline and school system problems in Japan that those teachers talk about. Only, with far, far more attractive visual examples. Mmmm, Mattsun. And Oguri Shun looking completely different. The Rui look is better for him, though the watch me be so damn punk look isn't horrible.

Kelly, I think you should watch this too. I feel like I'm watching live action air gear. Only with slightly less physically impossible rollerskating. I swear to god one of the characters is Onigiri's long lost twin brother.

ETA: Kelly, you should definitely watch this. I swear, they should really have named it "Watch as Matsujun plays a slightly more emo version of Ikki." Lots of gang violence and trouble youth and learning the importance of friendship. Now I'm just waiting to find out who the Gokusen!Kazu is. Perhaps Oguri Shun? He's got the blond hair~ alskdj