March 13th, 2008

Sco - You make baby Malfoy cry ;_;

Argh. Stupid livejournal.

Aside from the whole continued betrayal of trust (and why in the hell do I have any of that left? Anyone know?) and the buying into hideous ad-based ideals etc. etc. the new removal of basic accounts is just plain stupid.

I couldn't deal with posting to a journal that has ads. That's why I bought paid time for gonnarokuyou when I started actually posting there instead of just commenting on other journals with it. I wanted the icon space, I cannot deal with posting to a journal with ads, I bought time. Two facts:

1) I cannot afford to, and even if I could probably wouldn't want to buy paid time for all my journals. Two is already seriously pushing my willingness to pay for lj time. I've got about three more that I (used to) use occasionally, if you don't count the several communities I started/use.

2) If those basic accounts become paid accounts against my will (hasn't happened yet, but honestly how long do you think that development will take) or if I feel the need to make a new journal in the future, I'm not willing to post on a journal that has ads. I'm just not.

So yeah, lj. I don't think I'm alone in the above two sentiments. You're going to lose hella user produced content, especially among RPers (which I'm not really a part of, but dear god are they a big presence on lj). Without content, you lose users, and without users you lose that oh so precious ad money. Christ. Idiots all.

Apparently Brad is pissed too, which makes me feel vaugely better though doesn't really fix anything these days. :|