May 26th, 2007

Gaara on the swing

le sigh

So I've been home from school for almost a week now, but between the unpacking and the denial I've pretty much forgotten to tell anyone. Oops. It's been five days and I'm already bored and crazily missing my Obie friends and my walk in closet and my room that wasn't filled to the brim with fucking boxes. BOXES EVERYWHERE. GOING TO CRY, YOU GUYS. I'll never be unpacked. ;_; It's so cluttered in my room right now.

There was a new chapter day yesterday, and Kelly and I did not act retarded together. This is so depressing. However, I did make my friend Sara watch the newest Shippuden episode with me, and I swear to god Shippuden is like crack because I think I've gotten her hooked on Naruto as well. Mwa ha ha. mysticblueside, you have no chance. Just give in already.

Umm... fyi, Abbey. That kdrama about the pretty people at Harvard is... alskdjfa;slkf god. So hilarious, but not that great. It had potential at the start of the first episode, but it turns out that rather than being a lovely drama is really is just a soap opera. There's a prostitute. Who is also secretly a rich man's trophy mistress or something. And possibly has an evil twin. And is also, I think, a doctor. It makes no sense.

So why haven't I ever gone to a Harry Potter convention? Seriously. This is deeply upsetting to me. I have such con envy right now. From Pheonix Rising:

I swear to god I am getting my ass to AX this summer. Even if I have to go back and pick up shifts at the Ice Cream Store Of Dooooooom to get the money for such a trip. Everyone will be there. And by everyone, I mean Katie, Kelly, Greg (hopefully with me), and a million dorkily awesome people. It will be amazing.

Er, yeah. Hopefully a less spastic update later. I still need to finish Naruto for the HP fan. And I have about 8 million things to write and post.