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09 April 2007 @ 12:24 pm
So, who likes the new mood theme I made myself?
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
09 April 2007 @ 08:54 pm
This seemed like a fun game. Also, I am procrastinating.

-Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 TV shows you like(d).
-Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
-Have your friends guess the show names.

THAT'S THE LOT. Maybe I'll do this again, but with my own "keywords." That could prove interesting. But first, sleep.

1. Character Name In Title / Based On Comic / Boy Naruto guessed by tsunayoshi
2. Interracial Romance / Doctor / Hospital Grey's Anatomy guessed by syrochmahr
3. Love At First Sight / Emotionally Unavailable / Nipple Piercing Queer As Folk guessed by victorialupin
4. Sport / Teen / Based On Comic Prince Of Tennis guessed by mysticblueside
5. Sarcasm / Famous Opening Theme / Arrogance House guessed by victorialupin
6. competition / ghost / boy Hikaru No Go guessed by tsunayoshi
7. Model / Judge / Fashion Project Runway guessed by mysticblueside
8. Janitor / Title Spoken By Character / Medical Scrubs guessed by piquing_tom
9. Frenchwoman / Loss Of Father / Brother Sister Relationship LOST guessed by syrochmahr
10. Old War Buddies / Interracial Marriage / Captain Firefly guessed by syrochmahr

(one of the above actually didn't have IMDB keywords, so I just made three up myself. :D)

ETA: changed the first word of number ten because I realized it was way too vague. The rest should hypothetically be guessable, at least by process of elimination if nothing else. ;)
Current Music: Carry On My Wayward Son