March 14th, 2007


I realize more and more each day just how much time I'm not devoting to work these days that I really should be. Because what's the point if you're going to half-ass things.

So, in an attempt to start doing more than I have to rather than the minimum at the last minute (because that, my friend, causes so much stress I want to punch something) I'm placing myself on a fandom/livejournal/using the compter for things other than work and email ban for the rest of the week. If there's anything I absolutely have to see, link it here, but otherwise I'm going to see if I can get ahead instead of behind for once.

(Things I absolutely have to see: you have moved to Tokyo and married Shirota Yuu, Book 6 cover has come out and it's Harry and Draco having graphic sex, a new chapter of shoebox has arrived, you want to profess your undying love to me, etc.)