December 19th, 2006


I just took a large drink of what is possibly bad chocolate milk. It says best if sold by Dec. 18th on it, and while this should nt be too much of a problem, it also smelled... not quite fresh. Not actively bad, but a bit like it had not seen the inside of a cow in quite some time. It looked so delicious, though, and I could not help myself. When I now get a horrid stomachache I'll have no one to blame but myself and shall have to persevere studying for calculus despite the pain. C'est la vie.

Today I remembered (once again) how much I love shoebox.

"If he studies all this time, it's less time spent on what comes after. Less time spent on wishing he'd been taught when he was younger how to hug someone properly."

I really need to stop taking such long "study breaks" to read this....