March 20th, 2006

Looking for a good beta

Okay y'all, I've got an announcement.

I've got the makings of a fic sitting on my hard drive, and it needs a beta. Or several betas, for that matter. Just so you know (sort of) what you're getting yourself into, the fic is probably going to end up rather long and involved. It'll also most likely end up rated R, though it might fit a PG13 rating. It's set in seventh year, aka book seven.

At this point I'm hoping to eventually post it at the Quill, but I want to get more done, and post a bunch on LJ or possibly other archive sites first.

So, anyone feel like helping me out? :)

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All you Project Runway fans out there, I've got something you should see!

Basically, at the time of New York Fashion Week, the episode of Project Runway where Kara was eliminated hadn't aired yet. Because of this she had to create and show a collection as well, so that people wouldn't know she was out. I just found a link to it, and well... it's pretty damn good

I think Kara's problem on the show was that, with only one garmet, limited time, and the constant possibility of being eliminated, she played it way, way too safe. She never really kicked it up a notch, because that could end up on either extreme: being the best design or being the worst. You were never really safe, because the judging was really subjective, and Kara was to afraid to really do her thing.

If she keeps designing like that, though, I think she could really go places! ROX on Kara.
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