June 4th, 2005

Te he he

You know, Gmail being down is almost kinda funny when you know why it's down and are, in fact, contributing to that reason.


I love my fandom!
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Because I feel the need to shut down Gmail again...

All right, this idea was fully stolen from inspired by midnight_ljc's "contest" over who is the prettiest, fanficcers or fanartists? (If you mind me stealing borrowing the idea, Midnight, just tell me and I'll stop this. :D) So then I had the idea to test out my theory... that shippers of my persuasion are, in fact, the prettiest shippers in the fandom.

So, without further ado, I beg to to prove me right or wrong!

(Info stolen directly from midnight_ljc:


Location: (just general, no stalker bait pwetty pwease!)


Ships: (otp, or your the few most dear to your fanish heart)

Where you hang out most online:

And remember folks, DUN B A HATR!!!!1eleventy! I shall use all flames to light my little candle. :D (Possible the best response a suether ever had to flames. Ever.)
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