January 27th, 2005


I owe some rants, I know, and they will be coming... hopefully at least one tonight. But late, probably, as Euro has decided I make a very good meal. Personally, I wouldn't think I'd taste good, too mushy ;P, but apparently Euro has weird tastes. *G*

be back later


AIM hates me, and I hate it right back. Argh. First it kicks me off, even though my internet is up and running quite nicely thankyouverymuch. Now it won't let me back on, even after restarting the computer several times. ARGH! I was talking to all the lovely quill people as well. How annoying.

ETA: Apparently It has just decided it doesn't like my one screen name. I can now be reached at Hermione215 for the time being. (Yes, I know. Very original. I was in middle school. and it was after the Shakespearian character, of course ;)
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