January 25th, 2005

Ranting memes &c.

gakked from ashtur and awelkin
1. Comment with any subject that you would like me to rant on. (It will probably be a good idea to pick a subject that I actually have an opinion on.)

2. Watch my journal for your rant.

3. Post this in your own journal, so that you may rant for others.

Ooh, I like that meme! I'm in need of a good rant, so fire away, people!

Also, gakked from enelya_oronar the learn more about the people reading my LJ meme:
1. Name:
2. What do you call me?
3. Where on earth do you live?
4. What makes you happy?
5. What have you been listening to lately?
6. Do you enjoy reading my journal?
7. If so, why?
8. Interesting fact about you:
9. Are you in love at the moment?
10. Use five words to describe the person or people you're in love with:
11. Favorite quote:
12. Favorite place to be:
13. What are your passions in life?
14. What are the most important things in your life?
15. Are you going to post this in your lj?

01. A movie:
02. A book:
03. A band, song or album:

What the stars of Harry Potter say to you when you meet them!! by icyfirechick021
Tom Felton says"You remind me of potatoes"
Dan Radcliffe says"Mmmmmm"
Rupert Grint says"I'm a cow. MOO!"
Emma Watson says"Where did you buy that outfit, Walmart?"
Sean Biggerstaff says"Look at my ass, its gorgeous"
Devon Murray says"I have a donkey in my pants"
Alan Rickman says"Can I touch your ass?"
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Tom: Ummm... thanks? I suppose Sam might call that a compliment....
Daniel: Damn straight.
Rupert: Te he he.
Emma: No, don't you know Walmart is evil incarnate? Yuck.
Sean: I'm looking. I'm definitely looking and good LORD you're right!
Devon: A bit sure of ourselves, aren't we?
Alan: No. But tell Rupert he can. *seductive wink*
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