July 30th, 2004

Happy Birthday!

A big Happy Birthday to our favorite almost-boy-who-lived today! According to JKR's website today is Neville's birthday. *g* We all love you, Neville! :D

A quick meme before vacation!

Yet Another Harry Potter Meme
What's your One, True Pairing (OTP)?Oh, gosh... I suppose it's still Ron/Hermione, but Harry/Ginny is quickly moving in on the top spot.
What's your secondary pairing?Harry/Ginny (see above :P)
What common fandom ship makes you gag?Remus/Lily
What common fandom ship makes you laugh, because it's so ridiculous?Harry/Hermione
What ship(s) do you consider canon?Ron/Hermione, then Arthur/Molly, Lily/James, etc.
What is the squickiest fandom ship you've seen?Anything with adult/minor, incest, etc.
If you could have JKR's ear, what ship would you:
Beg her for?Harry/Ginny, as I don't have to ask for Ron/Hermione ;)
Beg her not to use?Oliver/anyone (for fanfic purposes... yes, I know that would be rather selfish of me)
Expect her to throw you out for mentioning?Draco/Hermione, as she's already sunk that one :D
Canon questions
Could the Prophecy refer to Neville after all?No
Could it refer to Ginny? (We don't know when her birthday is)No
Will Sirius return from the veil?Nope, but I'm willing to bet Harry will follow the archetypal hero journey and make a "trip to the underworld" of sorts.
Who's the Half-Blood Prince?Godric Gryffindor, or someone we haven't met yet.
Which major character will be the next to die?um... either Hagrid or Percy
Which character you adore are you afraid will die?Molly Weasley. I'm really afraid she's not going to make it.
Which annoying character do you hope will die?None. Quite frankly, I suppose I'm far to invested in characters who aren't real, but it just seems wrong to say "I hope so and so dies"


I'll also be leaving for South Carolina very early tomorrow morning. *Sobs at lack of computer, then realizes will be on the beach* : P I'm hoping to get a lot of knitting/reading/writing done in the 12 hour car ride (ouch) and on the beach once I get there. I'm also hoping I'll even out these nasty tan lines I get from softball. They're horrible, I tell you! Razor back uniforms and knee socks all summer lead to some odd looking lines.