July 5th, 2004

Haiku's, HP directors, and some LotR memeage

First off, for "Blog Haiku Day":


Was gone all weekend
Playing ball in hot weather.
Clean clothes are no more.


My town is crazy.
It celebrates on the 5th
Our Indepenence.


The reason for this
Was Church. They couldn't just switch
To the afternoon.


Parade was fun, though,
With fun and colorful floats.
Lots of candy, too. :D


That was fun :)

Second: I was reading the comments on TLC about a spoof article that said Michael Moore would be directing HP6. *secretly wishes he would* There was one comment that was just too good to pass up....

"I heard Mel Gibson was going to direct it and do it all in Parseltongue. "

asdklj;aslkdja;slkdjf d  Oh man. I was laughing forever over that one!


And finally, some LotR memeage gakked from fernwithy  and ashtur


Collapse )