June 21st, 2004

Weeeeeeee are the chaaaaaampions, my frie-eeeend

My softball team won the tournament we played in this weekend! The weekend ended up being really fun, despite the fact that I somehow managed to get tennis elbow playing softball (I swear I'm going to sue somebody for false advertising!) so I couldn't pitch at all. I did get to play a lot of outfield, though, and on top of the cool medals we got for winning, our team also got a bid to a world championship right here in Ohio.

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Proud Author Moment

Hooray! Chapter two of my fic on the Quill (A Stitch In Time) is up! This one was rather difficult, actually. I think I flipped at least three separate times when I thought I had something horribly wrong with the logistics of it. I think I sat and stared at the computer for a good half and hour once, convincing myself the nine pages I had written at that point would need to be completely re-done. Luckily I was just being paranoid and no massive rewrite was necessary. *Thanks God*

Anywho, much thanks to themorningstarr for being a ROXin' Beta. Also thanks to everyone who has read/reviewed for relieving me of the desire to pull a FFN and leave author's notes along the lines of


OMG y'all! I hOpe U liked chappie 2!!!!!!!11!!11 Now i want 87,000,000 reviews or else i won't write any more!!!!!11!!!!11


*Shudders* Believe me, you don't want me to fall back on my fangirl exclamation-izing tendencies. :P

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