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25 May 2004 @ 07:21 pm

I always think about how rare this experience is, that we book fans are having. The HP phenomenon we're going through will never be like this again. This generation of fans will always be the ones who were stranded, unspoiled, for years and years, waiting for the next slice of the story; therefore, this generation of fans will always have the deepest and most intense relationship with the books because we will have been suspended in them for the longest without relief. I can't expect regular people to understand what that's like, I suppose. I can't expect a regular person to care about the incredible jolt of stumbling through those plot twists for the first time and discovering the Time Turner and the meaning of Lupin's boggart.


That quote is from Arabella's post today at the Sugar Quill In The News thread. It's in response to an article that quoted Zsenya in it. Arabella's post really got me thinking.


The results of said thinkingCollapse )


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