May 15th, 2004

It's like Christmas Came Early

For all of you who haven't seen it:

Go now. It ROX! (Like getting more canon!) There you are privy to all sorts of interesting things, such as Ginny's full name (Ginevra Molly Weasley... Ginevra Molly Potter... *sigh*), Dean's very interesting backstory, that Fred and George WERE born on April 1st (te he he) and the Molly Weasley's maiden name was Prewett.

That last bit is probably going to have to most effect on me, because my current story A Stitch In Time ( will include a LOT of Weasley backstory. Now I not only have a name to work with, but another whole plot point I'm going to have to work in! This'll be fun!

Gah... talking about my fic forces me to think about the fact that I haven't finished ch. 2 yet. It's been over a month.... In my defense I've been REALLY busy with school, softball, a violin audition for our Symphony Youth Orchestra in town, etc. but I still feel a little guilty that poor Mr. Ollivander has been chasing an owl for two weeks now. (At the point I'm at in the chapter he's running after an owl... you'll have to wait and read to find out just why.:P) I should probably go write now. So long!


Current Book: Crime and Punishment English class dictates my reading at the moment. :(