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Psychoanalyze me, please.

During commercial breaks, have your partygoers reenact Daniel Day-Lewis's baptism scene by the crucifix. The best Daniel mimic is then rewarded the opportunity to drink everyone else's drinks right then and there. Whatever's already mixed in the room. "Drraaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnaage." This is either a big win or a big loss for your faux Daniel, depending on how s/he feels about alcohol poisoning.
-From TWoP's Oscar Party Planner

I nearly laughed out loud when I read that. Which was a problem because hypothetically I was in class when I read it.

dorky analysis final

ohmiya 4

simba meme

hikaru meme

ron meme 4

scout meme

bipolar iruka

Tags: i'm getting paid to photoshop things, meme time
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