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We have a team hand signal and everything.

Hey guys. This March Oberlin College is hosting a Relay for Life, and some of my friends and I are putting together a team, of which I'm team captain. (I feel like I should get a little captain's hat or something.) You can read more about it on the website, but long story short Relay for Life is run by the American Cancer Society, and raises awareness, celebrates survivors, and raises money to help fight cancer.

I'm posting here in the hopes that some of you (if you're able) might want to donate money to my team, the illustrious Team Triceratops. We chose the name because Triceratops are badass. Also, because we wanted to use the slogan "Help make cancer extinct, just like us. D:"

IF you'd like to make my day and donate to my team, you can do so on my relay page Just click the button that says donate!
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