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Obligatory new years post.

Since it's about to be 2008 (and holy shit, when did that happen, people? The 90s still feel rather recent :|) I thought I'd post about some people who I love a ridiculous amount and who were pretty much the awesomest things ever this past year. So yes, delicious new years apples to these and probably a ton more people who I'm being horrible by not mentioning.

abbers44, as always, for being my eternal confidant, for spazzing right along with me about majors and other important things, and for being ridiculously talented and amazing, mysticblueside because I've got a soft spot for spastic lemurs and my bitchou never lets me down, and because one day Kame Cafe will be the best combination book store/bakery every created. bribitribbit and greensweaterlj for being the other two quarters of shitbox, and for going to amazing women's colleges and still loving ridiculously dorky things. And, for that matter, to the rest of you for being wonderful for my procrastination. :D

To my Oberlin friends who I can honestly say are one of the best things to ever happen to me. Especially Katie, for being my roomwife extraordinaire, and for our wonderful gecko-full nuclear family. Anna for letting me bug her all the time and for keeping me from dying of boredom during winter term. Greg because he's my dorky partner in crime, the Sakura to my Naruto, and one of these days we will actually accomplish something we set out to write/create. :P Chris, because you geek out with me endlessly, and we're so road tripping to Mass this spring. :DDD Katherine because you're endlessly talented and wonderful. Kit because Nothing Personal is fucking amazing and also because you will totally beat that tencho demo one of these days, no really. Sean, because you're ridiculously smart, you let me abuse your ownership of a car, and PEARL! GOSH. tsunayoshi because sometimes I worry my incessant IMing and forcing you to come eat curry with me will start to annoy you, and then you agree to butt bow it up with Greg and I and I stop worrying so much. :P

So yes. I'm probably forgetting a million people, and to all of them I say il you tons and tons too. Now I have to go finish off the toffee crunch cheesecake I made for new years (Claire! It's so delicious! Don't you wish you could have a piece?), help my mom not die trying to cook for everyone who is coming over, and then go over to Liz's who is a person I just realized I forgot! Oh no! So to Liz, as well, for falling so hard for all the dorky stuff I inflicted on you, and a million other reasons. :)

With that, happy new years everyone. Next year I resolve to post more and actually finish the things I start writing. The latter, of course, has been my resolution every year for quite some time, so we'll see how that turns out.
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