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WGA Strike

"Just got a message that says that production has shut down on the NBC hit sitcom, The Office. It seems its star, Steve Carell, has been calling in sick with what he claims is a case of "enlarged balls." -on Steve Carell supporting the strike

Okay, I swear I'm going to try to reign in talking about this because I don't want my friends killing themselves or (more productively) me if I get on a tangent and won't shut up. BUT! I really do care about the results of the Writers Guild of America strike. One reason is because it's sort of my dream to become a television writer one day, but that's not all of it. These days real, paying, healthcare-including kinds of jobs based around writing are getting rarer and rarer. Newspapers are falling to the wayside, it's damn near impossible to have a steady job as a published author, and "reality tv" is taking over the industry. As a writer, and more importantly as a reader I want to support professional writers who are trying to make a living and keep jobs available and secure for future generations or writers.

Anyway, on to the real point of this. I know a lot of my friends watch TV online these days. I do too, and it's a really great way to kill some time/catch up on episodes you missed/see great shows you wouldn't have watched otherwise. Currently, though, when television shows are streamed on network websites or downloaded through iTunes, the network executives make all the money and the writers for those shows make nothing.

I'd like to propose that you don't watch any television on official network websites or downloaded from iTunes until the strike resolves itself. This is one of the best ways to show support, because advertisers aren't going to pay if the web hits suddenly drop.
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