robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

Happy Halloween!

Ugh. I think I'm sick. And I have a shit ton of work. BUT! Other things are more happy! I was one fifth of the worlds most bizarre phone conversation last night, with bribitribbit, mysticblueside, abbers44, and greensweater. It was kind of psychotic and amazing and possibly Britt and Claire were naked and making out, or possibly it was Abbey and I or possibly it was all five of us. Which would be quite a feat, seeing as we are in three different places spanning two different continents.

Also, I am dressed up as Dumblequeer.

Over fall break, tsunayoshi and I carved pumpkins!

Also, we ate disgusting amounts of food and drank fruity drinks at Max and Erma's one night, where we also planned out our very dangerous and serious ghost hunt.

Tags: dumbledore is gayyyyyyyy :d, fall break, halloween
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