robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

A bit of H/G fluff

While procrastinating doing math homework tonight I developed a sever fluff bunny infestation. Namely Harry/Ginny fluff bunnies. :P

Anywho, I figured I should post the resulting drabble somewhere, so, without further ado I present to you:

A/N: This is unbeta-ed, unread by anyone but me... so please forgive any mistakes. I know... most unprofessional, but this is just a little drabble I whipped up so I figured it was ok.

Soft music floated from the corner of the room, where the string quartet was still going strong. Most of the guests were already in that post-party, slightly tipsy daze. A few couples remained on the dance floor, moving to the soft music, but most were either long gone or passed out off to the side. Ginny looked around the room as she slowly revolved.

There was Charlie, dancing with girl of the moment. Ginny could only see the back of the girls head, but there was something about that short black hair that looked vaguely familiar.

There was Colin, the only person in the room still as awake and excited as they had started the night, and still taking pictures every few moments.

There were Fred and George, looking a tad worse for the wear, each clutching a half empty bottle of firewhisky. Ginny laughed inwardly. They would be in for it tomorrow... but, no... there was Angelina and Alicia who looked, if it were possible, worse.

Ginny revolved a bit more and saw Ron in a chair off to the side, sitting with his arm wrapped protectively around a sleeping Hermione. When Hermione’s head slumped a little more and landed on his shoulder Ron leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, clutching her a little tighter to himself.

And there was Harry’s back. Harry’s black formal robes. Harry’s equally black hair, rubbing softly against her own. Suddenly, there were Harry’s eyes, wonderfully green and full of care, looking right into her own. Ginny gave a small laugh and started fiddling with the sleeve of Harry’s robes.

"What?" Harry asked softly as they continued to slowly sway to the music.

"It’s just, well... do you remember the first time I saw you?"

"Er... that would have been at King’s Cross, before my first year at Hogwarts, right? Merlin, that was a long time ago."

Ginny nodded slightly. "Well, I just remembered what the first thing I though was, after I realized that the boy with the glasses and messy hair, and who couldn’t find the platform was the Harry Potter." Harry laughed at this. "I looked up at the train, and the first thing I though was ‘I’m going to marry that boy some day.’"

Harry looked down and caught Ginny’s eyes and said "you always were smarter than I was." Then he pulled Ginny closer, into a tight embrace.

It had been eleven years since Ginny Weasley decided she was in love with this boy. She had been right all along.

All thanks goes to the people of the "Lucky You" thread, for making me spout H/G at random times throughout the day and night. :) 

Kudos to anyone who thinks up a good title!

In other news, I just found out I made 2nd team all MSL for softball. That's so cool, me being only a 10th grader and all. My senior catcher made 1st team all district and 1st team all MSL... but she's crazy good and a senior. (I'm a pitcher, in case you were wondering.)



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