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I've been doing all things Pottery for the past couple days, highlighted by seeing OotP today and suddenly I'm all RAH RAH HARRY! FIGHT-O, POTTER-SAMA! It's all very exciting.

The sad thing is, I'm telling the truth about the horrid Engrish cheering. All throughout the movie I kept going "Fight-o, Neville-Sama! Do your best, Weasley-chan! FIGHT-O, MALFOY-KUN!" I'm pretty sure Japan has ruined any movie watching experience for me for all time.

It was entertaining, I'll give it that. They (obviously) cut and trimmed a lot of the story, mostly the details of everything that happened at Hogwarts throughout the year. It's been a really long time since I read OotP, though, so I can't really say what specifically was cut.

One of the better things was the way they incorporated muggle England into the movie more. Granted, I have no idea who in the Order thought it was a good idea to fly their super secret Harry transport group past a muggle boat... probably the same one who thought it was okay for Harry to address his mail to SIRIUS BLACK ESCAPED CONVICT CURRENTLY RESIDING SOMEWHERE IN WIZARDING ENGLAND OH LA! in the fourth movie, but I digress. It was cool, however, the way they're really building up that the war is going to spread and mutate until it effects everyone, not just the select part of the wizarding world that has been involved up until now.

Best things about the movie:

-The ministry decor. Mmmm... Shiny black, uniform brick with white inlay, set off nicely by the occasional gold fixture. Oh dear lord, I was lusting after the decor. I am currently of the opinion that the very best thing Lucius Malfoy could do at this point in time is to completely redecorate based on a black with white accents colorscheme. Malfoys just... pop. There was this shot of Lucius standing in the nearly completely black hallway, talking to another ministry person, both in black robes and the blond hair... stunning.

-Dumbledore seemed vaguely less like an abusive, psychotic old man! Hoorah!

-Grawp. No, I'm not lying. He translates so much better on screen than he ever did on page. I found him rather adorable in the movie, truthfully, and was pretty glad he was there.

-Just hearing Alan Rickman utter the line "prepare yourself!" to Harry. I want someone to take this, and then add about 10 minutes of hardcore gay porn after it and call it a Harry Potter AMV. Maybe set to "I want to take you to a gay bar."

-Neville! He's awesome in this movie. Much as he was in the last, but even more there, simply being wonderful and brave and all the lovely things about Neville.

-Rooooooooon. He's got this lovely quiet presence in this movie that he hasn't had in any of the others. They take away his Quidditch triumphs, and his prefect badge, but I honestly didn't even miss them. Ron's just there, being so amazingly supportive of Harry, even when Harry's in his WAH WAH NO ONE LOVES ME LET ME LISTEN TO BRIGHT EYES mood.

-Angsty!Dan Rad. He plays it pretty well, all things considering. There were a few lines where he's all "why is this happening? Why am I angry all the time?! Oh dear, am I becoming like Voldemort?!" and I was all "no, young Harry, you are a fifteen year old boy!" which is exactly the sort of thing Harry should be doing at this point. And there was very little gratuitous yelling, all things considering! Harry doesn't even destroy downtown Tokyo Dumbledore's office, which is sort of a nice omission. Mostly because I'm not sure Gambon!Dumbledore could have held himself back from bending Harry over the desk for daring to mess with his stuff. Man's got anger management issues, is all I'm saying.

-The cats. On the plates. Move. The cat's on the plates bloody move. Like... I knew it was coming but.... ONE GOES INTO HIS LITTLE KITTY DOOR. laksjdfa;slkd IT IS SO GOOD.

The bad:

-Ummm, Cho. For two reasons.

-Okay, seriously movie makers. I do not want to see Dan Radcliffe make out with some girl for, like, twenty minutes. Or maybe it was a bit less than that, but it sure felt like twenty minutes. Twenty awkward, almost physically painful minutes. OH GOD. SUCH A LONG KISS. DIED OF EMBARRASSMENT.

-Dear people writing the movie script. I can forgive a lot of canon inconsistency. Really, I can. Partly because you need to shorten the thing, and partly because, like, whatever. Your movie. Add fun little touches. I would totally not care if you wanted to add, like, a ten minute brawling scene between Harry and Draco. If you wanted Ron to be the one to save the day some time, instead of Harry, that would be awesome. But whatever did Cho do to deserve such treatment? No, you see, it clearly states in the book that Cho was not the one to rat out the DA. See this? This is my angry face. I wouldn't have forgiven you, if you hadn't added that stupid bit about the veritaserum at the end that just barely made your fun little plot twist bearable, but really. Was the casting process for Marietta really going that badly?

-What is the deal with the young marauders being so awkward and unattractive? Even little Snape, with his emo hair of joy, was more attractive.

-Speaking of little Snape, why did you fade to black right when we were about to see the greying underpants? Why do you taunt me so? As retribution, I expect you to turn Alan Rickman upside down right the instant, and I want him completely devoid of pants.

Anyway, sorry for such a stupid write-up. I'm tired, and I'm driving to Cincinnati tomorrow to visit the lovely Anna. So very excited.

Also! I might have a new job! Woo, working two jobs and becoming rich and dead from overwork by the end of the summer!
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