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So last night I was talking to Claire and randomly ended up blabbing at her for a while about:

a) my shipping preferences in terms of slash v. het
b) the Kinsey Scale (if you're interested, I'd suggest finding a better source than wikipedia, but it gets the general gist across.)

Then I got really, really bored and somehow my brain combined the two. I ended up writing down lists of all the ships I enjoy in all my fandoms, and categorizing them by slash v. het, whether I just enjoy them or actively seek out fic, whether I consider them an OTP or not, and whether I've written them before.

The result was my fandom shipping version of the Kinsey scale. Because I have absolutely no life. a;jlfd Anyway, here's how I sort of set the thing up and my results. If any of you are as insane as I am, tell me (or post about) your results!

How the scale works:

0 - You read/write exclusively het ships
1 - Predominantly het, only incidentally slash
2 - Predominantly het, but more than incidentally slash
3 - Equally het and slash
4 - Predominantly slash, but more than incidentally het
5 - Predominantly slash, only incidentally het
6 - You read/write exclusively slash ships

You can fall in-between numbers as well. For instance, I am currently about a 3.5

So onto the questions!
Use the ranking scale up above to answer the following questions

A) Before looking at the questions below, what rating would you currently give yourself?

B) What is the ratio of het to slash in the ships you enjoy/will read fic about (though not necessarily seek out)?

C) What is the ratio of het to slash in the ships you specifically seek out fic for/return to over and over again?

D) What is the ratio of het to slash in those ships you consider OTP(s)?

E) What is the ratio of het to slash in those ships you write fic for/have included in your fic?

Now, add up your answers to those questions and divide by five

A) 3.5
B) 2
C) 4
D) 5
E) 3

Average: 3.5

This can also change over time, and depending on what you're doing in fandom at the moment. For instance, when I first found online fandom through Harry Potter, I was .3 (yeah, I know, hard to believe :P). By the end of my active involvement in HP fandom, I was 2.2. During the high point of PoT fandom I was 4.5. Since getting into Naruto it's moved to the current 3.5.

Um, like I said. I am intensely bored these days. Maybe it would be better to just ignore me.
Tags: fandom, i am so incredibly weird, kinsey is fun!, total dorkiness

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