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So yeah, about that trip I took that one time

Er, so yeah. Anyone remember how I went to China two summers ago? And possibly never got around to posting pictures because I am a lazy, lazy bum? Ha ha, right.

Anyway, I was randomly looking through the ones that I have uploaded (and I don't have most of them online yet, but am going to attempt to do so when I get home in a few weeks.) But I thought I might start randomly posting some of the cool ones. So yeah, here you go. This is a hand painted ceiling in one of the buildings of the Forbidden City in Beijing, aka where the Emporer used to live with his insanly large number of concubines. :P We did the math while there, and realized that each one would only have to... ahem work one day a year, and that's if the emporer went through three a day. ;)

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