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This so doesn't count, because I meant to post it a while ago.

I forgot I wrote this a few weeks ago. Really random pseudo-MomoKai. Don't ask my why they're on a plane.

Title: Travelling
Author: ella_w
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: pg
Summary: Momo and Kaidoh are on a plane for some reason.

Two teenage boys sit in a row of three seats on an airplane that is currently somewhere above the pacific ocean. The third seat, next to the aisle, is empty. Whoever left it vacant is, most likely, a particularly lucky individual.

“Hey, give me your pretzels."


“Give me your pretzels. I’m hungry.”


“Come on you’re not going to eat them. Gimme.”

“Yes I am.”

There is a pop and the crinkle of plastic as the boy on the left opens the bag.

“Hey, that’s not fair!”

“What isn’t fair?”

“You did that just because I wanted them.”

“No, I did it ‘cause I’m hungry, dumbass.”



“I know you are, but what am I?”

“What are you, twelve?”


There is a crunch as the boy on the left eats a pretzel. The boy on the right glares. The boy on the left eats
another pretzel.


Three more pretzels are crunched upon loudly. The boy on the right sighs deeply.

“Hey stupid, shut up.”

“I’m not doing anything, stupid!”

“You’re humphing.”

“Yeah, well maybe I’m dying of starvation.”

“You are not, idiot.”


The boy on the left rolls his eyes. “Just take a nap or something.”

“Yeah, well… maybe I will.”

“So do then.”

“But don’t blubber like a girl at my funeral for dying of hunger.”

“Don’t worry.”


There is silence for a moment, then the boy of the right feels something heavy land in his lap. It is a pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

“What the… oh.”

The boy on the left reaches under his seat and pulls out a magazine with the picture of a basketball player on
the cover.

“Hey, Mamushi….”


“Is this for me?” The boy on the right fiddles with the candy’s plastic wrapping.


“Where’d you get it from?”

“At the airport. ‘Cause I knew you’d be an idiot about it the whole flight.”


“I’m going to sleep.”


The boy on the left drops the magazine again, then shoves a pillow behind his head.



“Um… thanks.”


The boy on the left waits until the boy on the right falls asleep, then pulls a blanket up from under the seat and drapes it, slightly of kilter so it doesn’t quite cover his left leg, over both of their laps.



Then Samuel L. Jackson shows up and tazers them in the face. The End.

(You can blame Kelly for that.)
Tags: i swear to god i'm not cheating, momokai, my fic, pot

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