robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

  • Music:

Claire K.: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123

Claire K.: mnmann
Madamada15: aaakdakakakaka
Madamada15: alskdfj
Claire K.: yuayuyuyyya
Madamada15: oolpoolpoolp
Claire K.: werrrrwwweee
Madamada15: fweeeeefweeeee
Claire K.: voooovvvlvo
Madamada15: jookjokokko
Madamada15: I'm posting this to livejournal
Claire K.: ryryrtttyrry

Anyone feel like reccing some good music?

Abbey: ....who can we ask for music. i want lyric heavy stuff...
Ella: hmmm
Ella: who has good taste?
Abbey:so tired of not understanding my music
Ella: yes
Tags: claire-sama and ore-sama are intelligent, music, why is everything i own in japanese?
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