robobitchou (likeafox) wrote,

I've never had a reason to use this mood before!

I realized tonight that it's been a long time since I've daydreamed. And yes, this is horribly dorky, but I used to have really long and involved daydreams. Mostly just wish fulfillment type situations that I would entertain myself with when I was particularly bored or needed to take my mind off more stressful matters. (A favorite of mine is what if you went back in time into the body of yourself as a seven or so year old, but with all the knowledge you have now... only, like, no responsibility to change the world for the better. You were just a seven year old with an 18 year olds knowledge and abilities. How much fun would that be? You'd be a prodigy at everything! :P)

Anyway, I was sitting in orchestra tonight, and my back was acting up again. One downside to long rehearsals is that I've got back issues that tend to flair up when I'm sitting in playing position for long stretches of time. It can hurt like a bitch if I'm especially tired, or if rehearsal is especially long. Anyway, it was starting to again, and on top of that we were going over really nit-picky stuff really slowly, so I was kind of sore and really bored, and complaining to myself about it. Then it struck me that, hey! instead of griping about stuff, why not just let my mind wander? So I did, and I had forgotten how good it feels to just let your imagination do its thing.

Just some inane ramblings, but I really have missed my elaborate little daydreams. And the cool thing is, if I'm thinking about them before I go to bed, sometimes they translate into really awesome real dreams. I think I'm going to go to bed and do that now.


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