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Well, I'm finally posting my various musings on vacation. It's sad it has taken me so long to do so, as I wrote most of this during the past week. Hey, typing is hard work, darn it! *g*

I must say, 12 hours in the car isn't that bad.... Okay, it's a little bad, but sleeping through all of Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, and part of North Carolina definitely eases the pain a bit. My dad keeps teasing me about it, but who was the one who passed almost four states in what seemed like two seconds? There was a reason I didn't go to sleep until 2 am when we left at 5:30 the same morning. *Winces at Dad's crazy departure times*

Once I woke up I spent the rest of the trip reading Stephen King's On Writing which is summer reading for my AP English Language and Composition class next year. (Yes, it does make me feel special writing that all out. AP English Language and Composition. Hah.) I really enjoyed the book, though.

The one problem I had with it was that some of King's writing advice is more than a little daunting to a writer who doesn't do it for a living yet. I mean, the man talks about how he pumps out 2000+ words a day like it's nothing!

He gives what seems to me very good advice about first drafts and the like, saying write the first draft with the door closed (just for yourself) and the second with the door open (with outside input). This is my usual writing process, but he talks about doing it with entire books where I do this with individual chapters; sometimes just sections of chapters!

When we got to South Carolina, about half and hour or so outside the little island we stay on, we went on our annual grocery shopping treck to the local Piggly Wiggly. (I must admit, the Pig is one thing the South has on the North. I love that grocery store!)

The best part of the trip this year was that in the cereal isle I saw Ron Weasley. No joke. Tall, gangly red head covered in freckles. And this wasn't your average, everyday red hair. This was honest to God, Weasley Red.

You'll all be proud of me, though. I did manage to refrain from tackling him in the middle of the grocery store. ; )

After the first day on the beach I was having fun with aloe and an ice pack.

Ouch. Let me tell you this: Sunblock = God's gift to skin. Learn from my mistake and use it. A lot of it.

I did put sunblock on before I went to the beach that first day. Really, I did! Apparently not enough, however, as I think I could have reheated coffee on my back for the next 24 hours. Surprisingly enough, the only writing I got done was when I was sitting on my bed, trying not to let anything touch my back and chest.

Anywho, the sunburn got better, and has now faded into a rather lovely tan, if I do say so myself. Plus going to the ocean is really good for my normally frizzy and uber-curly hair. I feel like Hermione after Cortona right now. Too bad there's no Ron to... um... appreciate the new look before Ohio weather takes it all away.

Well, I'm tired. The reason why David is teh hotness will have to wait until tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll upload pictures, although those might have to be on double secret f-lock.

*Huggles Animal House*

*And After the End*

In conclusion, I'm in love with Gavin Griffin. And poker. I love them both very much, but will only marry one of them. (Hint: that one isn't poker.)

CHEX him out. Isn't he teh cuteness!


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