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Oh come on, you know you like them.

Yes, I am back. I keep meaning to post and say so and put up pictures and things but... I'm horrifyingly lazy, so I haven't yet. Will soon, though. :P

Anyway, instead of keeping a proper journal about, you know, my life (how incredibly boring!) I've decided we need a bit of a shake up here. That's right, it's time for a HATE MEME!

Come on, you know it's fun.

What? You don't think unabashed vitriol and anger are good things? You think this type of thing creates wank? Well, I never. I suppose you're right, though.

ALL RIGHT, since real hate memes tend to create real hate, this is, instead, a character hate meme. Now's the time for Harry to air all his grievences about Draco, for Ryoma to rant about the horror that is the Monkey King, for House to hate on everyone -including the fans who feel that shipping him with Chase is a good idea ;)-, for Will Turner to say what he really feels about PotC 2.

Anonymous commenting on, IP logging off. Have at it, my friends.

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