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Coming this November: the election to rival all elections!

Rita Skeeter reporting for the Daily Profit

<<The conventions are here, the candidates are traversing the country, trying to win the hearts and minds of the voters, and the political machines are revving up for what might prove to be an even more controversial election than the last.

It seems to be a battle between opposing forces: Democrats vs. Republicans, left vs. right, and both sides are hoping their candidates will prove the strongest:

Fudge/Umbridge v. Voldemort/Riddle

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(from kitakatzz )           (taken from just_kellie )

The Republicans followed up a series of brutal attack ads in The Daily Profit with questions of Minister Fudge's moral standards when he failed to rebuke pop singer Celestina Warbeck for off color comments about "the Dork Lord" and "Moldy Voldy".

Meanwhile the Dark Lord's decision to stick with his current Vice President, his own alter ego, despite the surrounding controversy, has many Republicans shaking their heads. The Democrats are eager to counter the Republican's attacks with reminders of previous scandal surrounding TMR. Many voters still remember questions over the ethics of many Hogwarts plumbing contracts given to pets of Riddle's family members. There is also the recent incident in which Riddle was heard making scathing remarks about "that 'effing' boy who lived" on the senate floor.

The Democrats have gathered a lot of momentum this year, much of which is due to an "Anyone But Voldemort" contingency which came out with such slogans as "When Dumbledore lied, Cedric died" and "The only REAL Death Eater is Dumbledore"

(slogans and icons from fernwithy )

Arthur Weasley, who had been in the running for the democratic nomination, has finally dropped out of the election and pledged his support for the Fudge/Umbridge ticket, saying "I've had nothing but good experiences with Minister Fudge, and Dolores Umbridge really has a way with children. I have high hopes for the future of our education system if this ticket is elected."  

In other news, the number of people being controlled using the Imperius curse has risen drastically this past year. >>

*looks around at fellow Dems.* I don't know... I mean, the Republican candidate and his vice president are evil incarnate, but I'm a bit worried about how our candidate would fare if it came to a face to face <s>duel</S> debate. You just can't argue with firepower sometimes....


*vbg* And now you all know what happens when I get really bored. This whole thing was spawned by fernwithy 's :D recent post. Thanks for the entertainment, Fern!


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