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omg eljay, how could you abandom me in my time of need? i'm going to write a poem about my feelings

livejournal you are
so, so beautiful to me
never leave again

it's a haiku.

Dear House fandom, wtf? No, seriously. WTF? I can understand not liking Cameron's character, or thinking her silly, or whatever. I happen to like her a lot, and think Jennifer Morrison is doing a great job in the roll, but to each his own and all that jazz. However today a good many of went over the line. In today's episode Foreman stabbed Cameron in the leg with a possibly infected needle. Now, contemplate this: the needle wasn't infected with the flu, or herpes, or even freaking AIDs. Those all range from cureable to treatable. No, this needle was had been in the body of someone who is dying from an unidentifyable illness that has just killed a man after putting him through the worse pain imaginable, complete with blindness and basically what amounts to brain disintigration.

Foreman purposfully tried to infect Cameron with said disease.

Now, I know that since you aren't going blind like the people infected with said disease are, you saw all of this take place. So why, for the love of all that is good an holy, do I go on to the TWoP forums and find a good number of you DEFENDING Foreman and STILL BLOODY BITCHING about how horrible a person Cameron is? How do you possibly justify that to yourself? I don't even mean the people who think Foreman's actions were a result of the illness. I mean the people who said that Cameron, because she once got on her moral high horse and gave a patient an uncomfortable throat exam, deserved to be infected with a deadly and as of now incurable disease. What. the. fuck.

So yeah, Calc tomorrow. Wish me luck and think good, integraley thoughts. I'll be careful not to drink and derive. *cue cheesey laugh track*

Er... Calculus does weird, weird things to one's brain.
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