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Wilson has magical bits!

Wilson has cancer curing semen! Bwa!

Okay, maybe not, but you can ask _iliveinabox. I seriously shouted that out when they said cancer girl's tumor had shrunk. Hi-larious.

Also, Did anyone notice the newfound similarities between Wilson and Cameron? They both shack up with a person they know has terminal cancer? That can't be unintentional, and I'm really wondering where the writers are going to take it. Maybe some Wilson/Cameron in the near future? Because I would be totally cool with that. :P Or perhaps they'll just use it as an interesting way to look at Cameron's reasons for marrying her husband. Right now all we really have is House's posturing that she likes fixing people. While I do think that is a factor (and Wilson has the same fixing people thing) I also think there's more to it. Both Wilson and Cameron have a lot of similarities, character-wise, and I think their unwillingness to become completely cynical has a lot to do with their dying-people love.

It's also interesting that House is best friends with Wilson, but constantly berates Cameron for her naivity. It just seems a bit hypocritical to me that House raises a hugh stink about Cameron marrying a dying man, but Wilson get's a "you're sleeping with a patient?" and a cocked eyebrow despite said patient having that exact same thing Cameron's husband had.

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