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wtf, House, wtf?

So, this is quickly becoming the Cameron show, isn't it? And not in the omg-look-at-my-issues-way Cameron hataz like to moan about happening in season one. It's more like, every single person in the entire hospital is a complete raging asshole except for Cameron, so by default the show has become 'watch how Cameron tries to live and work in a world/hospital where everyone is a assbastard.' She's literally the only character who doesn't enjoy regularly screwing people in the ass (and I mean that in a metaphorical sense, except for with Chase and possibly Cuddy. Then it's literal. ;P)

So yeah, I'm not sure I like this new Foreman. It's like somehow he and Chase's characters got switched during the magical drug sex, and now Foreman's a tool and Chase just sort of sits there and looks pretty.

Anywho, I thought I detected a tiny, eensy bit of humanity in House's expression after Max said she'd donate part of her liver, so maybe all hope is not lost. Perhaps House will let the delicate flower in him bloom, and he and Cameron will move into a small house with a big yard and white picket fence and raise puppies with Wilson whilst the entirety of Princeton Plainsboro goes around forceably sodomizing each other for shits and giggles.

Oh, and I bet _iliveinabox a Starbucks latte that Foreman and Cameron will have magic drug sex at some point, only Foreman will be the drugged up one. Unfortunately, short of Foreman being castrated in an upcoming episode, I'm not sure how we'll decide who gets to collect on said bet, at least until the show is over.

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