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First Impressions

Dear JK Rowling:

Please hurry up with "Half Blood Prince." Summer is getting rather boring and, unlike Dudley, I don't have a playstation to chuck out the window.


Dear Mom and Dad:

Thank you for letting me have the car all the time. I swear, as soon as I stop being broke I'll start paying for gas. However, I wouldn't expect this to occur until well after college and grad school. Sorry.


Dear President Bush:

The word nuclear only has one U. For some reason this has been bothering me more than usual lately. That and your constant asshattery. Please alter one (or better both) of these problems and I'd be much happier.

Oh, and a drop in gas prices would be nice, too. It would please the parents greatly. (see above)


Dear unborn cousin of mine:

Please start moving more when I'm around. Believe me, a few extra kicks around the relatives now could translate into a huge increase in christmas presents later.


Dear Summer School Teacher:

Despite a complete difference in opinions I give you the same plea as I do Dubya. Well, actually, you know how to pronounce nuclear, but I would love it if you stopped being such an asshat. Exams aren't fun during the summer, nor is staying late after class because the 10 minute break turned into a 15 minute break. It takes time to get a drink from the vending machine, darnit!


Dear Future Publisher:

With the help of one of my friends tonight, I have decided what my yet to be written autobiography will be called:

"All the Men in Britain Similar to Rupert Grint
or my life and stalkerish tendencies"

Just thought I'd let you know, so you can get working on the cover. I'm thinking a nice shot of Rupert and I holding hands, hugging, etc.


That is all.

Yours fondly,


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