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Best. Episode. Ever. Like, of all television ever produced, that was the top.


Okay, maybe Three Stories was better, but that was still freaking fantastic. And I thought I would hate the episode where the unholy union took place (no, I do not hate House/Stacy. I do wish it wouldn't happen though, because it's creepy and both House/Cameron and House/Wilson would be so much more delightful!)

Nope, I did not hate it, though I did avert my eyes when I knew what was coming. But honestly, what's not to love about the episode?! Wilson had pot! Cameron didn't have HIV! House is a delicate flower!

Okay, maybe not, but damn did they handle his character well in this episode. It was so perfect. All his self loathing finally coming to a head. The complete battle between his honestly snarky self, his assholeish snarky defenses, and his subtle but definitely there sensitive side. They were all so perfectly intermingled you can't tell what actions are motivated by his true nature and what are motivated by his tight grip on the protective blanket of being miserable.

Or I might just love it because of
House: I love you Cameron

Context? We don't need no stinking context!

I think I might write up a... er... humorous summary of the episode tomorrow sometime. The premise of which will be not hating Cameron. Not that TWoP doesn't make me roll with laughter when I'm reading it in study hall instead of doing real work, but the laughter is intermixed with seething anger at the blatent Camerophobia. As I doubt they have a copyright on snarky episode summaries, I am going to do my own. :)
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